ISPs face piracy sue-balls

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Following a US court's decision to make ISP Cox Cable liable for customer piracy, copyright enforcement collector Rightscorp says it hopes to use the case to extract further funds from service providers.

"Although Rightscorp was not a party in this case, we are delighted with the outcome. The Federal District Court declared the liability of ISPs to be precisely what Rightscorp has been saying it is for years," Rightscorp CEO Christopher Sabec said in a statement.

"With this final Federal Court ruling, not only has our position on ISP liability been confirmed, but our Company's technology and processes for collecting and documenting evidence of peer-to-peer copyright infringement on ISP networks has been validated as well."

While Rightscorp stopped short of promising more lawsuits against ISPs that allow users to pirate content over their networks, the group says it will wield the precedent against other ISPs.

"Whether this ruling results in cooperative initiatives between ISPs and copyright holders or further litigation between them, our Company expects it will be part of the process," said Sabec. ®


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