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Not an Oracle user? You're probably in an Oracle database anyway

Big Red gets into the data business with 400m-strong business profile trove

You might have nothing to do with Oracle's databases, but you're probably in one: Big Red has announced it's selling a database of 400 million business profiles.

Big Red calls this the “Oracle Data Cloud B2B audience solution” and labels it a “Data as a Service (DaaS) solution”. Oracle's fronting for other data-harvesters so can collectively provide intelligence on “more than US $3 trillion in consumer transaction data [and] two billion global consumer profiles”

You can use all that lovely data to “Reach buyers and decision makers at specific companies to align B2B marketing and sales efforts” and to “Build audiences based on companies that have purchased a specific enterprise solution in the past.”

Going to a trade show? Oracle reckons it knows you'll be there because it's promising the ability to “Digitally target professionals who have attended or are considering attending specific industry events related to a business’ products.”

Oracle's far from alone with this kind of thing. Scott McNealy's Wayin plans to harvest data on one in seven humans, much of derived from stuff we all leave lying around online. Microsoft will soon have LinkedIn's trove to trawl and again we gave it that data. Salesforce operates, which also offers bulk business data.

As our own Darren Pauli has written, these data troves can be very useful to identity thieves and worse malfeasants.

And now three key enterprise vendors are selling it. ®

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