Summer of Salesforce: CRM cloud swallows tiny pattern-recog firm

BeyondCore taken in 'season of M&A'

Salesforce has made its second acquisition of the month, and its fourth since June.

The CRM-as-a-service player is buying business analytics provider BeyondCore for an undisclosed sum.

BeyondCore examines data sets using pattern-recognition technology using a set of patented algorithms that combine machine learning and regression analysis.

Founded in 2004, BeyondCore has just 15 staff and had $9m in funding and had a plug-in to the Salesforce cloud.

In a blog post, here BeyondCore wrote it would be “uniquely positioned” to further magnify its impact on analytics as part of Salesforce’s Analytics Cloud.

The deal would extend “smart data discovery and advanced analytics capabilities across the entire Salesforce Customer Success Platform,” BeyondCore said.

Salesforce’s purchase follows it acquisition of hosted Microsoft-Office-like suite Quip for $750m stock and cash earlier in August.

Earlier, in June, Salesforce was pipped to the post by Microsoft, which bought another intended target, professional network and online CV service LinkedIn, for $26.2bn.

The same month, Salesforce bought ecommerce platform Demandware for $2.8bn in cash.

Salesforce’s chief executive Mark Benioff reckoned the summer months are not just the season for M&A but that summer 2016 is proving more competitive than usual. ®

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