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Some Windows 10 Anniversary Update: SSD freeze

OS and apps & data on different storage media? Oops

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is crashing on some PCs employing a solid-state drive.

The Anniversary operating system is understood to be freezing PCs where Windows 10 is stored on the SSD, but apps and data are on a separate drive.

A Microsoftie writing on reckons the software giant is now investigating the matter following a "small number of reports."

Until there's a fix, however, Microsoft has published a series of steps to recover the PC.

Microsoft's workaround involves reverting to the previous version of Windows within 10 days of the update.

"If you are unable to log into Windows 10 and choose to uninstall the Anniversary Update, here are two methods that can be used," Microsoft said.

Microsoft's advice has had mixed results.

Kjl1956 writing on the same answers site admitted to a successful rollback, but PaulQ_602, who detailed his machine as an Acer VN7 laptop with 256 SSD and a 1Tb HD, both using Bitlocker, hit a wall.

PaulQ_602w wrote: "I tried to roll back and it destroyed my system. Hung up in the process. It wouldn't boot again. I had to wipe the entire SSD and start over with a clean install of Win 10 (anniversary edition unfortunately). It was freezing again soon after, but I managed to go over an hour last night with no freezing then I had to leave it. I'm going to get back on it after work and see if it's freezing again.

Regardless, the incident is yet another on the pile adding up to lost faith in Microsoft and Windows 10 downloads.

Kjl1956 continued "A year out of the box and more trouble than I [sic] the year of insider testing. MS could have at least held back r1 if a device was moved backed to the old build, but no." ®

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