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Linux Foundation becomes a PNDA-hugger

Big data network analytics platform gets the open-source embrace

The Linux Foundation has added the Platform for Network Data Analytics – aka PNDA – to its stable of officially supported projects.

PNDA aggregates data from multiple sources on a network, be they-real time performance indicators or static sources like logs, then works with Apache Spark to do the usual Big Data thing of finding useful patterns. The tool's all about making it easy to gather, consume and crunch diverse data sources, rather than having to do custom integrations.

Cisco's tossed code enabling “ end-to-end platform provisioning and management, application packaging, and deployment.” into the project, which debuted today, the same day as the Foundation's embrace. Go get it here.

Today, PNDA is seen as a handy way to monitor OpenStack implementations. Support for bare-metal and public-cloud provisioning is expected later this year.

Bringing the project into the Foundation is hoped to accelerate features like Hadoop distribution independence, platform infrastructure validation, container support, additional data publishers, and deep-learning framework integration. It's also hoped that PNDA will be seen as a useful adjunct to the likes of OpenDaylight, Open Platform for NFV and ®

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