Nasuni adds sync 'n' share to its cloud file gateway

Want to pump files to the cloud? Go right ahead

Nasuni has added file sync and share to its cloud storage gateway.

Enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) capabilities are now included in its Nasuni File Services (NFS) offering. Users of iOS, Android, OS X and Windows fixed and mobile devices can sync and share with Nasuni's file services courtesy of apps on their devices.

Nasuni says that data on these devices is automatically backed up as often as every five minutes. IT can manage all files, volumes and edge appliances from a single console, the Nasuni Management Console, and all data is secured using strong encryption.

The customer controls the encryption keys. Sharing can be extended to people outside the organisation via external links. Link use can be audited and links expired when no longer needed.

We're told the web portal, iOS and Android user interfaces have a consumer-focused design, and the web portal can be customised/re-branded with the customers' logos and colour schemes.

In the same way network suppliers try to avoid being "just" dumb pipe providers we can characterise Nasuni as wanting to go beyond dumb cloud gateway provision - an unfair characteristic as providing cloud storage gateways is hard and complex. But you get the idea, and adding a file sync and share feature to a cloud file storage gateway seems a logical extension of services. ®

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