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Nutanix has swallowed something. Cough once if you're OK, guys

S1 shows you're snacking on something again. Care to tell us what it is this time?

We’ve been banging on about Nutanix buying PernixData. Now tech consultant Justin Warren has noticed this nugget in an amended Nutanix S1 filing to the SEC:


On August 5, 2016, the Company entered into a stock purchase agreement to purchase all shares outstanding of a technology company in exchange for 528,517 shares of the Company’s common stock and $1.2 million in cash. The closing of the acquisition is subject to standard closing conditions.

This is right near the end of the S1 form, on page F36.

Warren suggests this might be Nutanix’s purchase of PernixData, although another target company, a devops startup, has been mentioned to The Register. The price is $1.2m in cash plus the stock. A mere half-million shares would look a lowball number for PernixData. What's the Nutanix stock worth? Well, according to the Nutanix's S1 "fair value" estimation, $14 to $15 per share.

Valuing pre-IPO stock is a piece of arcane financial jiggery-pokery, and, anyway, we don't know what the actual stock price agreement was in this transaction, so we'll note that, give up, and conclude Nutanix has bought a company for an unknown price.

We have heard from several sources that Nutanix has gobbled PernixData, and from a source close to the PernixData VCs that the financial outcome was not good.

Conclusion: Nutanix has bought an unidentified company for what could be a $10m or less price. This acquisition transaction may refer to PernixData or to a completely different one.

As ever in this convoluted Nutanix-PernixData affair, neither company is prepared to comment or possibly can comment due to NDAs looming over a transaction. ®

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