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Five-storey Blue Screen Of Death spotted in Thailand

Where have you seen Windows #fail? And at what scale? Send them in, readers

Windows crashing and producing the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is seldom pleasant, or convenient.

It's also seldom as conspicuously displayed as in the image below, which The Register found on Facebook late last week. By your correspondent's reckoning, that there is a five-storey BSOD.

If you can't see the pic below, click here (it is planted in Facebook's garden, so if you'd prefer not to visit, you were warned).

Windows XP fail at Hong Kong airport

Meanwhile, in another lovely public Windows fail, fellow Vulture South operative Simon Sharwood recently spotted a single-storey beauty, this time at Hong Kong International Airport, on his return from Computex 2016.

As the image on the left shows, some digital signage at the airport was running Windows XP. Or at least trying to: Simon says he could have taken the same photos over and over again, but had a plane to catch.

If you've seen Windows, or any other systems, in a public state of undress and/or distress, why not write to me? We'd love nothing more than to share a stream of SNAFUs. ®

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