Cisco's upsell plan: tell you your old kit is not as secure as its new kit

Sales conference leaks also hint at mightier UCS and new customer portal

Cisco is having its super-colossal global sales conference this week and some of the 20,000 staff are letting some details of future Borg strategies slip onto social media.

Chris Dedicoat, the Borg's EVP for worldwide sales, snuck out this hint that Cisco's sales force will soon be saying that your current kit may be very good at shuffling bits, but could do with a security upgrade.

Zoom in on the graphic in this next tweet and you'll learnt that Cisco wants to scale its UCS servers. Even without a magnifying glass we can see that Cisco is absolutely coining it with the kit. The Register assumes the $10bn figure includes sales of stuff to run alongside servers plus services. If it's servers only, Cisco has just rocketed past Dell into second place on the server revenue charts.

Plenty of posts mention something called “Ciscodcloud”. Cisco already runs a site of that name where it hosts demos, training resources and sandboxes. It looks like that site has been given a major makeover with a new emphasis on connecting Cisco customers, partners and staff with something closer to a social community.

Cisco has a team responsible for “Experience Services Engineering” and it's mentioning Ciscodloud along with utterances like “We are redesigning Cisco's #CustomerExperience together.” All of which suggests that Cisco customers' online interactions with their supplier are about to get shinier and happier.

There's also lots of chatter out there about the lanyards used at the conference, as they contain a small internet of things thing that contains a light and can be controlled from without. With impressive results, as the video below shows.

The conference has a couple more days to run, so we'll keep an eye on social emissions for other Borg revelations. ®

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