Mozilla's trying on seven hot new spring/summer logo looks

Seven new logo candidates run from Monsters Inc to completely mad

LOGOWATCH Poll Mozilla's attempt to find a new logo has reached the point at which it is willing to share seven new hot spring/summer looks with the world*.

There they are at the top of the story (or here for those of you reading our mobile site or apps) and if you click here we've uploaded a lovely large version so you can really pore over the pixels.

The Register characterises each of the logos as follows:

  • Monsters Inc redux
  • The 1980s called and want their colour palette back
  • My power plug just doesn't fit in this thing!
  • Remind me again which one is the backslash and which one is a forwardslash?
  • Why do I suddenly feel like a game of Battlezone?
  • MC Escher was not a DJ
  • Whatever the designer was smoking, avoid it

Mozilla's not crowdsourcing the process of whittling down the seven ideas above to one, but is asking for feedback it can use in its own deliberations.

So tell 'em what you think, dear readers, in this handy poll. We'll make sure Mozillans are aware of your opinions. ®

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*It's still summer in the northern hemisphere and Daffodils are on sale in Vulture South's local florists so that means it's spring in Australia.

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