Simplivity delivers storage quadruplets: Meet all-flashery and better DR

And app-aware SQL Server backup, double VDI count

SimpliVity has announced an all-flash hyper-converged system and upped its single system VDI count from 2,000 to 4,000.

It has also introduced RapidDR virtualised workload recovery and app-aware SQL Server backups.

The CN-5400-F forms the high-end of SimpliVity's otherwise hybrid flash/disk product range:

  • CN-1400 - 3-6TB effective capacity* for SME customers,
  • CN-2400 - 5 - 12TB capavity for mid-range,
  • CN-3400 - 18 - 36TB capacity for mid-range,
  • CN-5400 - 20-40TB capacity for high-end,
  • CN-5400-F - 20-40TB all-flash capacity for high-end.

SimpliVity says the CN-5400-F, which uses 14 x 1.6TB Intel DC S3610 SATA 6Gbit/s SSDs, can reduce latency by 50-80 per cent for tier-1 applications such as online transaction processing (OLTP). The system can increase application performance by up to 5X, and can also speed Big Data analytics.

The CN-5400-F is also claimed to deliver the lowest price per fully-protected VM.

SimpliVity has also doubled the number of desktops supported by a single building block of SimpliVity systems from 2,000 to 4,000. It says this is validated by LoginVSI as more than 2x greater than alternative hyper-converged solutions.

The 4,000 desktop building block is based on SimpliVity’s hybrid CN-2400 OmniCube model. The increase in desktop density comes from software improvements in the latest OmniStack version (3.5.2) and also from increasing the scale of the building block in terms of the number of nodes.

The numbers are impressive: 1,000 logins in 1,000 seconds and 1,000 desktops provisioned in 70 minutes. There is built-in data protection, high availability, and site-to-site disaster recovery.

Customers can choose Lenovo or Cisco hardware platforms, including the all-flash version, for SimpliVity's product range instead of its own OmniCube hardware.

RapidDR automates the recovery of virtualised workloads via a pre-configured plan, providing a 70 per cent improvement in RTO compared to following a manual playbook. It's called a one-click facility and has, SimpliVity claims, an intuitive, VM-centric, 5-step GUI.


SimpliVity Omnicubes

Application-aware SQL Server backups offer built-in data protection at no additional cost, eliminating the cost and complexity, SimpliVity says of third-party backup and replication products. Some 83 per cent of SimpliVity customers run SQL Server, and they can automate SQL Server backup and recovery, improve recovery point objectives and automate the recovery process.

SimpliVity's producy strategy VP Jesse St Laurent says the company has a "consistently high Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 90," meaning its customers really do like the products and company.

All of these new products and features will become available in the fourth quarter. ®

* SimpliVity says its effective capacity numbers are a conservative range based on compression and deduplication rates found in standard, primary storage use cases.


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