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Dell trademarks everything it does as 'Cross Cloud'

We think that's cross as in 'across', not as in 'angry'. But an angry cloud would be cool

Dell has filed a trademark for 'Cross Cloud' that covers just about everything it does.

And when we say everything we mean it: the trademark covers printer cartridges, servers, headphones, all manner of consulting services and even leasing. The descriptions of what the trademark covers run to 1,500 words.

So what's Dell up to here? All we got from the company was a polite refusal to comment on the trademark.

Let's assume that Dell is not using the word “Cross” to mean angry and isn't embarking on a holy marketing crusade.

With those theories out of the way, and current industry enthusiasm for hybrid cloud, might Dell be cooking up a brand for some kind of e-commerce effort on which one can order up cloud services, support and all the lovely on-prem kit Dell still aspires to sell? Or might it be a consultancy-backed Cross-Cloud wrangler touching on just about everything you might ever run in your bit barn and beyond? Or a service that links clouds?

Absent comment from Dell, The Register is guessing. We're also guessing that Cross Cloud might get its moment in the Sun at Dell World in mid-October. ®

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