IBM is now selling Spectrum Virtualize free from hardware

Big Blue pokes software-defined storage world with big stick, runs away

We heard IBM might be supplying a software-only storage product and it turned out to be true: Spectrum Virtualize can now be bought without hardware.

Spectrum Virtualize is the renamed SAN Volume Controller (SVC) and virtualises IBM and third-party arrays, into single storage resources.

It is bundled with the Storwize Vnnnn arrays, being their management facility, and also FlashSystem all-flash arrays and supports almost 400 individual storage array products.

The software provides real-time compression, thin provisioning, snapshotting, tiering data, data migration between arrays, at-rest encryption, and remote replication.

An IBM spokesperson told us: "In the past, we have delivered this software first in IBM SAN Volume Controller, then in Storwize systems, and also in FlashSystem V9000. We are now making the software available to run in x86 servers. Specifically, we are supporting Lenovo x3650 M5 servers with a statement of direction to support Cisco, HP, and Supermicro."

IBM thinks the release "will be especially of interest to service providers who prefer the flexibility of using x86 servers that they can redeploy for different purposes as their clients' needs change."

It emphasises: "Since this is the EXACT SAME* software that runs in SVC and the other systems, it has all the same functionality and all the same interoperability including support for almost 400 storage systems. Licensing is different: we offer both perpetual and monthly licensing (the latter likely to be attractive to service providers) and there is a simple per-capacity all-in price that includes all functionality."

There are more details at this IBM webpage, and you have to contact IBM for pricing. ®

* IBM capitalisation.

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