Get ready for Cloud 3.0, the age of Platform-as-a-Service

Because who really wants to manage servers?

Promo Cloud computing is evolving rapidly, and new ideas about “Cloud 3.0” will be featured this week at Huawei Connect 2016, the company's flagship conference in Shanghai.

Huawei characterises the mid-2000s boom in server virtualisation as Cloud 1.0. Cloud 2.0 was all about infrastructure-as-a-service, with special emphasis on tuning clouds so they could handle the most demanding workloads.

But even though today's clouds offer remarkable flexibility, they still ask users to take care of server-maintenance chores like maintaining anti-virus software and updating applications.

In Cloud 3.0 those chores start to disappear, as platform-as-a-service (PaaS) becomes more prevalent and users can consume applications rather than running servers in someone else's data centre.

Cloud 3.0 can't happen without openness and collaboration, which is why Huawei has based its own cloud software – the FusionSphere Cloud OS and FusionStage PaaS – on the open source OpenStack and employed 6,000 developers in cloud research and development. Their efforts are aimed at making it possible to offer PaaS, so that enterprises can run their critical applications instead of being bogged down with maintenance. Their efforts have already seen Huawei FusionSphere and FusionStage chosen to power 420 cloud data centres.

What's next for Cloud 3.0? Huawei will reveal more of its plans at Huawei Connect 2016 this week. If you can't make it to the event, the Connect microsite will bring you more news of Huawei's evolving cloud products.

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