Crash test dummy? Love the excitement of breaking an OS? Fedora 25 Alpha has landed

It's supposed to end in tears. Then you can file a bug report

If you're a chronic complainer and nit-picker with a spare machine and a willingness to suffer multiple crashes, weird screen artefacts and possible data loss: Fedora 25's alpha has landed ahead of its anticipated November 2016 release.

If you want to help the developers by breaking stuff, don't risk dual-boot on OS X if you've got live data, because this known bug is a treat:

“The installer appears to support volume shrink for OS X volumes (Apple Core Storage) by offering a Shrink button and sizing slider in Automatic partitioning; and likewise allow numeric resizing in Manual partitioning. However, setting the installer to resize these volumes and proceeding with installation will result in complete data loss of the volume. Resize the volume in OS X's Disk Utility to create free space before proceeding with the installation of Fedora.”

By comparison, Windows boot bugs are tame, since they don't seem to destroy anything; there's just a UEFI bug or two.

And if you're running GNOME, Google Chrome starts an argument over GPG keys with GNOME, killing offline updates.

But what the hat-tilting hipsters want most of all, of course, is for fans of Extreme Booting to find new bugs they can fix before November.

The workstation version comes in 32-bit and 64-bit images; the server and cloud variants are in 64-bit only, and there are Power64 and ARM 64-bit variants. The images are here. ®

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