Smut site forum IDs dumped

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User IDs from the forums of grumble-flick site Brazzers have been dumped.

A bunch of vigilantes released the data to Motherboard, and Troy Hunt has confirmed on Twitter that the dump is real, and that the site was running vBulletin.

In some ways, it's probably worse than having your p0rn-watching credentials dumped, because someone with malice can associate a user's forum ID with their posts – meaning the things they've discussed or fantasised about are in danger of becoming public.

According to The Next Web, there are about 800,000 individual records in the dump, and the data dates from around 2012. Brazzers told TNW a third party managed the forums, and some users probably ran the same credentials at the forums and at Brazzers itself.

The passwords were only weakly hashed, so if you re-used them anywhere, change them now.

Hunt has added the Brazzers' forums data to

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