Samsung Australia waves white phlag in phlaming phablet recall

Call this number to sort things out - from some other phone

Samsung Australia recalled all of the Galaxy Note 7 phablets-come-firelighters sold in Australia.

Announced yesterday here, the recall will have the company scrambling to find 51,060 devices for replacement.

The company had been working through the problem with its vendors to identify the “tiny problem in the manufacturing process” that made the phones catch fire while charging.

It issued its recall in Blighty at the end of last week.

The number marks the Note 7 as a successful launch, with Australia making up 2.5 per cent of the roughly two million global sales.

A mere 35 devices out of that number have experienced burning batteries, but that's been enough to force the company's hand: it suspended sales last week while it decided what to do.

Vulture South notes that Samsung is going a few steps further than its minimum responsibilities under consumer law: as well as promising replacement devices, it's going to supply customers with a courtesy device while it gathers together stock.

No wonder Samsung Mobile president Koh Dong-jin last week said “it will cost us so much it makes my heart ache”.

Customers can either return Galaxy Note 7s to the place of purchase, or call the company on 1300 362 603. ®

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