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Kaspersky to 1337 haxors: take down our power grid. We dare you

Capture the flag romp will offer chance to do the thing governments everywhere fear

Kaspersky Lab is launching a capture-the-flag event at which hackers will have the chance to pop a simulated power station.

The hacking events are popular with security types who compete to break into specially set-up systems to obtain flags and score points for feats of exploits, cracking, and pivoting.

Kaspersky Lab will set up a power plant complete with simulated critical systems.

"During the competition the teams will perform a number of specific tasks including breaking into IT systems, understand schematics, gain control of a control system, and finally to turn off or disable the various microgrid components," Kaspersky senior developer Kirill Kruglov says in a Russian canned statement.

"We create replicas of systems and equipment used in modern enterprises, and therefore everything that happens ... we can project onto real infrastructure.

"Detection of critical vulnerabilities in industrial systems helps cybersecurity experts to better understand their systems' features and consequently helps to improve attitudes and protection technologies."

Teams of up to five are invited to apply to participate in the second annual Industrial CTF Tournament next month in the fledgling Russian tech city of Innopolis. It will cover some form of travel and accommodation costs and offer high-tech gadgets to winners.

The event is run during Kaspersky's fourth annual APCS conference. ®

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