World eats its 10 millionth Raspberry Pi

Humble Pi most successful British 'puter in history

Raspberry Pi has sold over 10 million units and has announced today a new Raspberry Pi Starter Kit to celebrate its achievements.

Founder of the Raspberry Pi foundation and CEO of its trading arm, Eben Upton, said the original goal was to create a device that would attract more students to study Computer Science at the University of Cambridge.

“By putting cheap, programmable computers in the hands of the right young people, we hoped that we might revive some of the sense of excitement about computing that we had back in the 1980s with our Sinclair Spectrums, BBC Micros and Commodore 64s,” Upton wrote in Raspberry Pi’s blog.

The team estimated that 10,000 units would be sold in their lifetime to students, but were surprised when the pocket-sized computers were a hit amongst adults as well.

The simple single-board computer circuit design allows users to experiment and build.

Four-and-a-half years after it was designed, the Pi is now most successful British computer in history.

“To celebrate the ten millionth Raspberry Pi, for the first time we’ve put together our own idea of what the perfect bundle would look like, creating the official Raspberry Pi Starter Kit,” Upton said.

The Starter Kit is described as “an unashamedly premium product” and is priced at £99.

It contains:

  • A Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • An 8GB NOOBS SD card
  • An official case
  • An official 2.5A multi-region power supply
  • An official 1m HDMI cable
  • An optical mouse and a keyboard with high-quality scissor-switch action
  • A copy of Adventures in Raspberry Pi Foundation Edition

Fans can place orders the official Raspberry Starter Kit at element14 and RS Components.

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