Linode fends off multiple DDOS attacks

Nowhere near as bad as its ten-day Christmas cracker, but something seems to be afoot

Cloud hosting outfit Linode has again come under significant denial of service (DoS) attack.

The attacks aren't as bad as the epic events that all-but-took Linode down in January 2016, but they are coming in thick and fast.

The company's reported DoS attacks on September 2nd, September 4th and then a series of attacks on September 5th. Another round struck on Saturday, September 10th. Some of the attacks lasted up to eight hours.

Linode's engineers appear to have successfully fought off all of the attacks, but has often warned of degraded performance to APIs or sometimes to whole data centres.

The weekend attacks struck three data locations: Singapore, Atlanta and Tokyo. The Tokyo DoS attack was over in ten minutes. The other incidents ran a little longer.

Linode's logs suggest it noticed and mitigated the attacks within half an hour. So the company has clearly armed itself with tools that allow it to deflect DoS attacks quickly and effectively.

It clearly needs that capacity: The Register counts ten attacks in September alone and the month is young. ®

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