Google Australia extends online classes for tech teachers

Teach-the-teacher content includes a 'Makey Makey Project Workshop'

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Google's efforts to help Australian teachers wrap their minds around the nation's digital technologies curriculum have expanded, with the Alphabet subsidiary's tax-efficient antipodean outpost flinging up more online courseware.

Australia's digital technologies curriculum has been welcome by everyone as fine idea, but has also sparked worries from teachers about how they'll skill up to handle the new lessons. The nation's States are taking different approaches to training teachers and applying different levels of resources to the task.

Google, as is its wont, has thinks the internet is the best way to train teachers since 2013. Now the company says it has expanded its online resources with Professional Learning In a Box resources covering:

  • Algorithms
  • Visual Programming
  • Binary 101
  • Makey Makey Project Workshop
  • Game Development Workshop

The new content is teach-the-teacher resources that Google says “provides up to three hours of content teachers to run their very own digital technologies workshop.”

The State of South Australia is relying heavily on Google's content, which is delivered in partnership with the University of Adelaide. Teachers from any State or Territory are welcome to use the content. ®


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