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Using a thing made by Microsoft, Apple or Adobe? It probably needs a patch today

Windows, Win Server, Office, Edge, IE, Silverlight, Flash, iOS, watchOS...

Apple and Adobe follow Redmond's lead

Apple, meanwhile, has pushed out security fixes of its own for its software. The iPhone maker released iOS 10 and 10.0.1 on Tuesday and was immediately beset by a number of users complaining that their devices had been bricked upon installation of the new OS. This problem has apparently now been fixed, so updating your iThing to iOS 10 will work as expected.

If you've downloaded the dodgy upgrade but not installed it, delete it and fetch the working version. If you installed the faulty update, you will need to wipe and restore your device before getting back iOS 10.0.1. Let's hope you kept a backup.

For those who do get through the process unscathed, iOS 10.0.1 includes fixes for seven CVE-listed security vulnerabilities. Those flaws include a vulnerability that allows for user email credentials to be stolen, a flaw that causes keyboard auto-correct to reveal user passwords as suggestions, and a vulnerability that prevents an infected iOS device from receiving updates from Apple (though if you've already fallen victim to that one you would have a hard time getting the fix, wouldn't you?)

Apple has also released the WatchOS 3 update ahead of the Friday release for the new Apple Watch line. The security content of the firmware update addresses a flaw in PlaceData that allows applications to view a wearer's location details.

And then there's Adobe, who posted an update for Flash Player that addresses 29 CVE-listed security flaws, including multiple remote code execution vulnerabilities in the Windows, Linux, OS X and ChromeOS versions of the browser plug-in.

After you have patched (or killed) Flash Player, Adobe also recommends updating any installed copies of Digital Editions to address seven security flaws and Air SDK, which has a fix for a secure transmission vulnerability. ®

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