VMware sells Digital Fuel cost control code five years after buying it

vRealize Business Enterprise and IT benchmarking solutions to get old name, new owner

VMware has sold vRealize Business Enterprise and IT benchmarking solutions, the financial management bits of its vRealize management suite, just four years after buying it.

Back in 2011 VMware was bullish on what was then a company called Digital Fuel. The press release announcing the deal VMware's then veep and general manager Boaz Chalamish said “Digital Fuel will add a significant capability to our portfolio, broadening beyond operational management to include business-centric capabilities."

He went on to talk up how the buy would mean VMware would deliver “New levels of financial visibility and control in cloud environments [t] enable CIOs to engage with the CFO, line of business stakeholders and others around how IT investments translate to real business value.”

Fast-forward five years and VMware's saying it can do without Digital Fuel, as it still has vRealize Business for Cloud and its capabilities in “costing, pricing, consumption analysis for both private and public clouds, private and public cloud cost comparisons and more”. Vmware's statement also says the company is going all-in on cloud management.

Skyview Capital, which bought the code, has resurrected the Digital Fuel name and also the spiel about suits being desperate to understand the cost of their tech, be it on-prem or in the cloud. VMware's promised to support the code during a “transition period”.

Terms of the divestment/acquisition have not been revealed.

vRealize Business Enterprise and IT benchmarking solutions was a pretty obscure part of the vRealize range. The Register's virtualisation desk imagines some rusted-on users will be annoyed by this move, but that most VMware users will scarcely notice the change.

Do let us know if we're wrong. ®

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