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Great British Great Bake Off gets new judge

Madeira cake, Madeira cake, Madeira cake!

Poll Long weekends cooped up in a cramped sweaty workplace, grappling with unstable materials, your work critiqued by an harsh and judgemental boss.

No - not your job hacking PHP or flogging some piece of dead tin in the data centre but the life of the average contestant on the Great British Bake Off.

Most of your colleagues prattle on loudly about some nuance from Game of Thrones, but the silent workplace potboiler is really GBBO.

The BAFTA-award winning programme broke records of TV viewing in our era of pathetically small TV: 13 million for the 2015 season finale – the most watched TV show of the year – versus 8.9 for HBO’s small screen bonkbuster finale in June this year.

Brits may not like cake or bread per se – we do, thought that’s not the point here – but we do love a challenge and we relish a project, especially if it means building something. Among the current contestants is Rolls Royce jet-engine engineer Andrew.

But this picture-perfect postcard vision of an idealised Britannia is coming to an end: plucked from the BBC by Channel 4.

Gone, too, are suggestive priestesses of the gingham altar Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc. With ice-eyed bear Paul Hollywood and iron-clad hair Mary Berry also uncertain, who do you think should co-host the new Channel 4 Bake Off?

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