Elastic acquires predictive analytics firm

Buy Prelert, the world needs... um

Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch, has acquired behavioural analytics biz Prelert.

The Amsterdam-based parent company, with an additional HQ in Mountain View, today announced that it has acquired Prelert and will integrate its analytics technology into the Elastic Stack. The financial terms of the deal were not announced.

Elastic customers will be able to use Prelert’s analytics capabilities for cybersecurity, fraud detection, and IT operations analytics as part of Elastic’s subscription packages in 2017.

Prelert was founded in 2008 and uses unsupervised machine learning techniques to create predictive models from customers’ historical and real-time continuous data.

Elastic was founded in Amsterdam in 2012 by the team which developed Elasticsearch, a distributed open source search and analytics engine. Elasticsearch is currently used by Wikimedia, Facebook and GitHub among others.

“Today’s enterprises need to understand not just ‘that’ something happened, but ‘why’, and frequently the source of this data is sitting in Elasticsearch,” said Shay Banon, the founder of Elasticsearch and CTO at Elastic, which he co-founded.

“We are happy to have Prelert join our family, and by embedding Prelert’s behavioral analytics engine into the Elastic Stack, our customers will benefit from powerful machine learning capabilities that tell them the ‘why’ and allow their users to react to issues in real time,” added Banon.

“With the shift to enterprises standardizing on open source solutions like the Elastic Stack for logging and security use cases, we saw a tremendous opportunity to add value on top of the Elastic Stack,” said Steve Dodson, Prelert's founder and CTO.

He continued: “We are very excited to join the Elastic team and embed our behavioral analytics engine into the Elastic Stack so that Elastic’s customers can gain powerful and proactive insights, and solve new use cases.” ®

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