Official: Cloud computing is now mainstream

Advanced practitioners display hybrid vigour

Cloud computing is so mainstream these days that maybe it should just be called “computing”. That’s what an IDC survey of 6,100 organisations in 31 countries, released today, indicates, with 68 per cent of respondents using public, private or hybrid cloud in their IT mix. This is a 60 per cent jump from 42 per cent of respondents doing cloud in 2015.

IDC reckons that just three per cent of the organisations have deploying cloud-optimised strategies resulting in "superior business outcomes".

And of this select “cloud-advanced” bunch, Ninety-five per cent have built a hybrid infrastructure that uses “multiple private and public clouds based on economics, location and governance policies”.

Take me to the clouds above

Globally the most advanced companies attribute $3m in additional revenues and $1m in cost savings to their cloud adoption, although admittedly this may be self-reporting, self back-patting.

Some more titbits for you: almost a third (29 per cent) of cloud adopters are using cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) applications and 48 per cent view security as a significant inhibitor to cloud deployment.

Let’s drill down to the UK, where:

  • 33 per cent of respondents have no cloud strategy. But…
  • 70 per cent of UK organisations are using or are planning to implement some form of cloud
  • 27 per cent of UK companies are pursuing optimised, managed, or repeatable cloud strategies. Obstacles to achieving greater cloud maturity include skill gaps, legacy siloed organisation structures and IT/LOB misalignment
  •   65 per cent cloud adopting UK businesses are using some form of hybrid cloud.

This is IDC’s second annual cloud adoption survey. The results are published today in a Cisco-sponsored study entitled “Cloud Going Mainstream: All Are Trying, Some Are Benefiting; Few Are Maximising Value”.

To coincide with the report's release, Cisco has announced a set of Cloud Professional Services to help customers with migration, deployment and optimisation. ®

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