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A Clarity cloud gathers around K2. Yes, literally

Kaminario is adding cloudy analytics to all flash array

Unlike real clouds which hide things, Kaminario is adding a Clarity analytics cloud to its K2 all-flash arrays.

It’s a set of array management and monitoring functionalities that send data to a Kaminario data centre where application-level intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics are used to get the arrays working better. The company says it provides “a single view of different layers of the data centre stack that have been traditionally managed in isolation.”

The result is that Kaminario can provide recommendations on workload placement, performance tuning, fabric configuration, and database optimisation to get apps running faster and more efficiently. Clarity provides, it says, simplified quality of service.

Here is one more beneficial example of Nimble Storage introducing its Proactive Wellness (now branded InfoSight) analytics function back in 2011 or so. Virtually every array supplier has since spun up a version of the idea and it's inconceivable that any new external array would not have a remote monitoring facility that receives sensor data from the arrays regarding performance and component health and automatically analyses the data to detect actual and looming problems with component integrity and system performance.

Kaminario's Clarity cloud system will be available in the first half of 2017. We might expect it to be free to customers with support contracts ®

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