Speaking in Tech: Public cloud 'explodes'. Oh yeah? Show your sources

Plus: My public radio name is Bianca Hughes-Pavlov

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This week on our tech-cast, Greg Knieriemen hosts the podcast with serial podcaster co-host Amy Lewis. This week our Podcast Idol is Jack Poller of Enterprise Strategy Group. Our special guest this week is Leah Schoeb, Technology Business Development at Intel. This week we discuss Intel, Nutanix IPO, public clouds and Big Dell. Click below to "tune in, download or save it for your journey home.

The details…

  • (0:00) Amy Yokos Ed
  • (1:47) Keeping foreign currencies straight
  • (5:00) Podcast Idol update
  • (6:20) Introducing Podcast Idol Jack Poller
  • (11:12) NPR names
  • (15:30) Introducing Special guest, Leah Schoeb
  • (20:29) Why does Intel care about open source?
  • (25:07) Nutanix forced to go IPO
  • (31:34) Hurd gets polled at Oracle Open World
  • (40:00) Gartner: Public cloud is exploding
  • (45:54) Dell sets the record for the biggest ‘D’
  • (51:30) The future for Dell Technologies
  • (58:22) Dell vs HPE: The bloody battle for servers or software?

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

Speaking in Tech: Episode

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