Behold the fruit of your techie utopia: A $43 San Francisco fog-infused martini

Enjoy the light flavor and crisp notes of everything that is wrong with this city

With the cost of living in San Francisco soaring higher than ever, some people are stepping forward to find innovative solutions to create affordable housing and assistance programs that would preserve the diversity, culture, and giving spirit that has made San Francisco a world-class city.

And then there are the assholes who sell $43 martinis.

Epic Steak, a waterfront dining spot popular with the finance and tech sectors that have come to dominate the city's downtown, has begun offering the £33 Fog Point Martini, a drink that bills itself as being infused with, umm, fog.

The drink, it is said, is made with a special vodka crafted by the Local Hangar 1 Distillery using water gathered from special "fog catcher" machines that condense the water vapors out of the "marine layer" that blows into the Bay Area much of the year.

That, combined with some vermouth and a lemon twist, will set you back a cool $43 bucks, plus tip, and the gnawing feeling that you have sold your soul to live in an unsustainable bubble society built on delusion and bravado.

You will not be surprised to hear that the drink is a hit in the Bay Area and the fog-infused vodka sold out faster than a computer science grad at a VC mixer.

We at Vulture West cannot endorse this drink and would suggest that those looking for the "true" San Francisco drinking experience do what the rest of us did when we first got here: down nine pints of Anchor Steam and wake up on Bart without your wallet. ®

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