Moron is late for flight, calls in bomb threat

He'll get a year on ice to think about why that was such a bad idea to delay takeoff

A Canadian idiot has been sentenced to a year behind bars after he was found guilty of calling in a bomb threat because he was running late for his flight.

Michael Howells, 37, pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal mischief and received 12 months in jail along with a fine of CA$3,844.88 (US$3,000, £2,200).

Howells was sentenced for the 2014 hoax when, running late for a flight from Kelowna, BC, he phoned in an anonymous bomb threat to the airport claiming the Calgary-bound plane he was due to fly on had been rigged with explosives. His plan was to cause takeoff to be delayed so he'd make the flight.

The threat resulted in police shutting down the airport and searching the aircraft for explosives before determining the threat was bogus.

In the meantime, Howells arrived at the airport and was waiting in a lounge when police traced the call to his phone. He was arrested when, as the airport was being evacuated, he approached the cops to ask if his flight had been cancelled.

Howells first faced charges of uttering threats, possession of a controlled substance (he was found with heroin and methamphetamine), and endangering aircraft by false information as well as the mischief counts. ®

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