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The wise Hedvig owl heads aloft with a Universal Data Plane

Also plugs into Microsoft's Scale-Out File Server

Hedvig has updated its software-defined storage to version 2.0 and is flying with a Universal Data Plane concept.

Its Distributed Storage Platform Version 2.0 adds a VMware vSphere Web Client Plugin, Docker Volume Plugin and Mirantis Fuel Plugin, each of which help to provide application-specific high-availability policies.

V2 also has high-availability integration with Microsoft’s Scale-Out File Server. Extended cloud orchestration options come with integration of Mesos and Kubernetes. These provide user-defined tagging, multi-tenancy RBAC, and an Ansible-based installer.

DSP v2 simplifies multi-cloud operations and Hedvig has demonstrated DSP interoperability with AWS, Azure and the Google Cloud Platform.

DSP v2 also gets predictive storage analytics, support for virtualisation of third-party storage arrays and cloud volumes, and Storage Proxy enhancements to improve deduplication and server-side caching.

The Universal Data Plane (UDP) is a virtualised abstraction layer enabling any server workload to store and protect its data across any location, such as on-premises storage tiers and in public clouds. The UDP can be run on commodity servers in private clouds and as instances in public clouds. UDP can be operated/managed via orchestration and management frameworks into which it is plugged.

Hedvig UDP

Hedvig UDP concept

Hedvig says that users, with UDP, “can deploy services and applications that are truly stateless … providing data locality and availability guarantees.” They “can support digital strategies including cloud arbitrage, reverse auctioning of cloud services and follow-the-sun application migration—all while avoiding costly bandwidth and egress cloud fees.”

UDP has a scale-out software architecture, multi-site replication, the aforesaid automation and orchestration support, and app-specific data services.

Big bank BNP Paribas has become a Hedvig customer.

Read Hedvig founder and CEO Avinash Lakshman’s blog post on UDP here, and check out his video:

Hedvig UDP video

Click video image to run the video

Lakshman writes: “It's the idea that you could have a single, programmable data management platform that spans any workload, any cloud, and any storage tier. The most compelling element of our vision, though, is the concept of true multi-cloud capabilities.”

UDP is an on-ramp to the public cloud: “I believe enterprises will get out of the business of managing their own data centres entirely. The journey to the public cloud is inevitable.”

For now DSP is a consolidator of all secondary storage needs through the virtualised DSP technology. It is hugely ambitious and similar to Cohesity in scope. Watch this space. ®

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