Nasuni revs its cloud

Version 7.5 of Nasuni’s File Services extends and improves app support, edge appliance migration, monitoring facilities, and adds side-loading.

Individual storage volumes within UniFS have been qualified up to one billion files, with no tech’ restriction on expanding further and no volume creation number limit.

The management console gets new search functionalities, display of individual edge appliance stats, and granular-level alerts about load thresholds, quotas, etc. V7.5 offers faster sync times and improved performance for engineering apps like ArcGIS and AutoCAD, expanded design and engineering app support, and OS X users get faster Microsoft Office and Adobe app performance.

With side loading, applicable for disaster recovery prep’ and migration to new appliances, active files are pre-populated in a new appliance from the old one so when users start accessing their files, they're already in cache; no need to pull them down from the cloud. ®

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