Ever longed to be naked in Paris? City council votes TODAY

Finally! A solution to the croissant crumb problem

French nationals, tourists - in fact anyone and everyone - may soon be able to get their kit off and walk through Paris - well, a designated area - without fear of a hefty fine.

The Green Party for the capital of love will today propose at a city council meeting that a nudist park be created, though the exact location has yet to be confirmed.

Keen for the application to be made a reality, Jacques Fremont, veep of the Association for the Promotion of Naturism in Liberty (APNEL), reckoned a spot close to the Damesnil lake in Bois de Vincennes, east of the city, was suitable.

He told the 20 Minutes newspaper his group was created to promote, or defend, depending on your perspective, an ideal world where clothed and butt-naked humans mingling cheek-to-cheek “posed no problem”.

Under French law, members of the public that choose to stroll unencumbered in their birthday suit can find themselves slapped with a €15,000 fine and potentially up to a year in prison.

Fremont said the law “automatically associates nudity with sexual exhibitionism… we disagree strongly. A sexual pervert is someone who spies on their neighbours or masturbates in public.”

A nudist on the other hand “just wants to get rid of their clothes”, he added.

Other European cities have a permissive attitude to going starkers; Barcelona had long allowed such behaviour, but passed laws in 2011 that prohibited nudity in the streets. Appearing sans clothes on beaches is seemingly OK.

The English Garden in Munich is another place where a more liberal stance is taken towards naturists, and in several parks in Berlin – including Tiergarten – people are seen wandering around the Siegessäule, or as it is otherwise known, the er, Victory Column.

Back in Blighty, more and more areas are accommodating flesh freedom fighters.

Anyone for Naked Yoga? Sounds like a good option if you can stomach all those vegetarians and their excess wind. Naked roof-top bar? How about a restaurant?

If all you are looking for is a naked sunbathing spot, London has one of those too: the men’s swimming pond on Hampstead Heath. Women can sunbathe topless at the woman’s swimming pond on the Heath, though it might be worth pointing out a python was found there in 2013. ®

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