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More 20nm MRAM

Spin Transfer Technologies (STT) has fabricated perpendicular MRAM magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) at the 20nm size.

The startup, a competitor to EverSpin, is developing Orthogonal Spin Transfer Magneto-Resistive Random Access Memory technology (OST-MRAM), MRAM chips with MTJs as the primary component.

STT has moved its MRAM technology from R&D to commercialisation and is preparing to deliver fully functional samples to select customers. It claims that, compared to conventional spin transfer MRAM approaches, STT OST-MRAM devices should offer better speed, power efficiency, cost, reliability and scalability.

Its integration of magnetics and CMOS demonstrates the capability of the technology to operate in memory arrays with existing process standards and move quickly into high-volume production, it says. ®

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