Nissan reveals self-driving chair

Tired of standing in queues? Auto-maker says it's solved serious societal problem

Poll Nissan has revealed a thing called the “ProPILOT Chair” that it says exemplifies “the benefits of its intelligent mobility technology” because it “ automatically queues on behalf of its occupant, sparing them the hassle of standing in line.”

As the video below shows, the chairs are packed with motion-sensing kit and can follow each other around like baby chickens imprinted on their mother.

Nissan swears this is an important innovation as it shows the technologies it built for self-driving cars have wider applicability than just keeping vehicles on the straight and narrow.

Roll tape, please projection booth!

Youtube Video

At this point The Register feels compelled to point out that Nissan's models all appear to be entirely able-bodied, and that perhaps such chairs might be more useful for people who do not enjoy uninhibited movement.

Perhaps it is also worth reminding readers of famine, war, inequality of all sorts, the very great likelihood rapid climate change will soon overturn all sorts of assumptions out society relies on and the existence of ticketing systems that make it possible to sit down while waiting. We're also aware of an exciting technology called “the ground” or “the floor” that offers a free seating service rather more dignified than Nissan's motorised chairs.

Having reminded you of those things, we offer the poll below to let you share your feelings about these motorised masterpieces of human ingenuity.

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