Tokyo man arrested for selling jailbroken iPhones

Allegedly crocked iKit came preloaded with cracked cheater game app

A 24 year-old Tokyo man has been arrested on suspicion of trademark violation for allegedly selling five jailbroken iPhones, local media report.

Daisuke Ikeda of Toyama prefecture allegedly sold the phones for a total of US$1186 (£915, A$1556) between 26 March and 23 May.

He is alleged to have sold up to 200 iPhones over the course of a year before his arrest earning US$49,423 (£38,144, A$64,815).

The arrest is reportedly the first of its kind in the country.

Jailbroken phones can access deeper elements of the iOS operating system and can install the Cydia app store from where apps and tweaks can be downloaded. It also opens avenues for the installation of pirated apps.

Ikeda was alleged to have sold the jailbroken iPhones with a cracked version of the popular Monster Strike game, among the most popular games in Japan, that allowed access to game characters which could be used to defeat an otherwise difficult game boss. ®

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