WikiLeaks claims 'significant' US election info release ... is yet to come

Has Assange just trolled us all?

Julian Assange has said WikiLeaks intends to publish documents ahead of the presidential race between Clinton and Trump that will include "significant" material about how the US election operates.

Assange was speaking at a press conference in Berlin to celebrate the organisation's 10th birthday today, an event which had been widely expected to include devastating revelations about Hillary Clinton.

He said: “There’s enormous expectation in the United States… some of that expectation will be partly answered.

“But you understand that if we’re going to make a major publication in the United States at a particular hour, we won’t do it at 3am.”

Assange was speaking via a live video from the Ecuadorian embassy, where he has been staying for years. He wore a black T-shirt with white lettering – the word "truth" in lowercase.

He said WikiLeaks hoped to be publishing every week for next 10 weeks and is on schedule to release documents related to the US election prior to November 8: "There’s a lot of fascinating angles expected," he said remaining tight-lipped as to what they will contain.

Other forthcoming material will include information on war, arms, oil, Google, and mass surveillance.

Possibly referring to this tweet from the official WikiLeaks account yesterday, Assange claimed there had been a lot of misquoting of himself and WikiLeaks publications "and in this particular case that we intend to harm Hillary Clinton... all of those [reports] are false."

Asked if he had an affinity with Trump, Assange replied: "I feel personal affinity with all human beings.. I certainly feel sorry for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it’s a kind of human sympathy. These are people who are tormented by their ambitions."

During the conference Assange also took the opportunity to plug his forthcoming books.

In response to a question regarding his physical health, Assange said vitamin D deficiency could be an issue as it was rare for someone not to have seen the sun in four years - but otherwise he was healthy.

"I have other problems from being in the embassy, but these are not [for example] diabetes or anything like that." ®

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