Samsung to Galaxy Note 7 users: Turn it off. Now

Phirebug phablet phreeze conphirmed as Samsung orders all sales and swaps stopped

Samsung has instructed all partners worldwide to stop both sales and exchange of its Galaxy Note 7 while it works out what went wrong.

The news of a manufacturing halt landed yesterday from Korean newswire Yonhap, and is now backed by an announcement from Samsung.

Sammy says it's “working with relevant regulatory bodies to investigate” the “reported” fires, which have affected both the original production run and, catastrophically, replacement units.

Owners are told to power down, stop using the device, and “take advantage of the remedies available” – which varies depending on who they bought the Note 7 from.

The announcement pretty much completes the misery of the Note 7 launch for flammable Sammy, since it seems improbable that users will have much faith in whatever solution the company conceives. ®

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