Samsung halts production of Galaxy Note 7

Stops throwing fuel on the fire

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Korean newswire Yonhap reports that Samsung has ceased production of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The outlet cites a Samsung official as having confirmed previous un-sourced reports of a production halt and says "The halt is in cooperation with consumer safety regulators from South Korea, the United States and China, the official said on the condition of anonymity."

US carriers AT&T and T-Mobile* have already stopped sales of even the new batch of phablets that it was hoped wouldn't flame out.

Samsung's reputation was in trouble after it pulled the first batch of phlaming phablets. For a second batch to have the same problem will scorch its reputation further and likely make for more stock market pain, now and into the future as buyers consider their next handset purchase. ®

* As far as we know, this does not apply to former UK network T-Mobile UK, now subsumed under the EE brand


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