'There may be no hackers' says Trump in Presidential Debate II

'The Russians hack the information and Wikileaks is involved' says Clinton

The second debate between Republican and Democratic presidential candidates Donald J Trump and Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton has featured a brief exchange on the United States' Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence's assertion that “Russia's senior-most officials … authorized” cyber attacks on the Democratic National Committee.

Clinton was offered first chance to answer a question on the topic and said “The Kremlin are directing attacks on American accounts” in order to influence the presidential election.

“The Russians hack the information and Wikileaks is involved,” she said. “We have never been in a situation where an adversary is working so hard to influence the outcome of an election.”

“They are not doing it to get me elected,” she added, before going on to call for Trump to reveal his tax returns so that voters can learn whether he has any financial interests in Russia.

Trump responded by saying “She does not know if it was Russia doing the hacking” and then added “Maybe there was no hacking.” Trump then said he has no business interests, does “not know” Russian president Vladimir Putin and has no loans from the country.

Earlier, the debate touched on Hillary Clinton's infamous personal email server. During that portion of the debate Clinton said there is no evidence that server was hacked, in an attempt to refute Trump's charge that the server put national security at risk. ®

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