Data-updater CTERA gets IBM reselling approval stamp

SoftLayer object storage gets CTERA file services front end

IBM is becoming a CTERA reseller to ship enterprise file services integrated with its SoftLayer, Cleversafe-based, object storage, and fully support it.

CTERA provides a cloud storage gateway for file sync and share, and data protection, plus a NAS appliance.

It has just gained $25m in a funding round; no doubt the VCs were given a foretaste of Big Blue's intentions towards CTERA to help loosen their wallets.

What's happening is that IBM and CTERA are creating "an enterprise-ready platform for secure and accelerated enterprise file services." The idea is that IBM's Cloud Object Storage gets a CTERA file services front end. The integrated file/object setup can be deployed on-premises, in the SoftLayer cloud or in a hybrid on-prem/cloud setup.

CTERA says this "avoids the security and data privacy challenges of shared SaaS services and can be deployed entirely within a customer’s secure firewall. At a time when the Dropbox hack is forcing a IT security re-think across the enterprise, customers avoid SaaS security issues altogether with CTERA and IBM."


Its file sharing and data protection software can extend IBM Cloud Object Storage to remote offices and store data at the edge of the network to overcome latency and availability issues. It has infinite file and backup versioning on the object storage to recover files if there is a device loss, office outage, ransomware attack or sime other mini-disaster.

IBM also has a file services partnership with Box that has overlapping functionality to some extent.

This IBM partnership is a big win for CTERA and gives the startup a great credibility boost as well as extending its reach into IBM's channel and customers. It also cements object storage's role as a better way to store large numbers of files than a native file management system. ®

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