Lenovo soups up storage for supers servers

DDN buddy-up A-OK for HPC

Lenovo NeXtScale System servers will get faster access to files as a result of a collaboration with DDN.

Installed DataDirect Networks Exascaler kit allows users to benchmark the storage and file system elements of an HPC set-up in combination with Lenovo’s HPC systems. An ES7K ExaScaler storage array, running Intel's Lustre parallel file access software, will feed data to NeXtScale compute nodes in Lenovo's Global HPC Innovation Center in Stuttgart, Germany.

DDN has faster ES14K ExaScaler arrays and the ES7K will indicate how these might perform as well.

This Lenovo centre was set up in March 2015 and offers a permanent R&D and application benchmarking facility for customers.a It features Lenovo's compute gear with partners such as;

  • Mellanox - MPI (Message Passing Interface) scaling on EDR 100Gbit/s InfiniBand interconnect fabric,
  • Intel - MPI scaling on new technologies like OmniPath and EDR interconnects,
  • LRZ - Energy aware scheduling, energy efficient data centers and workload optimisation,
  • NVidia,
  • IBM

DDN has now joined this list and its presence means users can benchmark the storage and file system elements of the ExaScaler gear in combination with Lenovo’s HPC systems. Lenovo wants to play a bigger role in the European HPC market and is using DDN's expertise and kit to climb up the regional HPC ladder. ®

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