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HyperGrid in hyper-growth

HyperGrid, a hyper-converged infrastructure system supplier, says it had record quarter-on-quarter bookings growth of more than 365 per cent for the third 2016 quarter.

But the HyperConverged Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering has only been on sale for a short time, so we're talking high growth from a low start number. If the start was $200,000 for example, then 365 per cent growth gets us to $730,000.

The new container-based, application-aware HCIaaS offering was announced recently. Nariman Teymourian, HyperGrid's Chairman and CEO, said: "We've been in the market for less than a quarter with our new offering, and our astounding results are proof points that our solution is truly disruptive in the market." He wishes. ®

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