Automatic laundry folder

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A Japanese outfit called Seven Dreamers Laboratories Inc will in March 2017 start to accept orders for an automatic laundry folder it has developed with Panasonic Corp and Daiwa House Industry Co Ltd.

Seven Dreamers has employed image recognition technology and artificial intelligence to undertake the five stages of laundry folding it has identified, namely:

  • Grabbing;
  • Spreading;
  • Recognizing;
  • Folding;
  • Sorting/storing.

The machine was recently demonstrated at a trade show in Japan, where it sorted towels from T-shirts, sorted T-shirts by color and even sorted laundry by owner.

The device is expected to ship in late 2017 at around US$2000.

Bring on this particular Rise of The Machines, The Reg says! ®


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