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BART barfs, racers crash, and other classic BSODs

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This week's worldwide BSOD roundup starts with what looks to your writer like a virtualisation launch bug. Submitter Alexander tells us it came from Peterborough Station, in Cambridgeshire.

Peterborough station BSOD

What do you think, readers – is this an exotic BSOD that needs extra explanation?

Don found one at decent scale in Rio de Janeiro, and adds that to be fair, the city has these advertising signs scattered all over, and this was the only one that went BSOD:

BSOD in Rio

There's also a bunch of BSODs sent to the author via Twitter, continuing the public transport theme, such as this from John Crisp:

A few people pointed me to a tweet from @kiranb, catching a BSOD at San Francisco's BART that doesn't fit the screen.

Ravi spotted it from this angle.


Arcade games feature again. From Alec Waters on Twitter:


@juliefriend69 wryly notes that a BSOD probably isn't the worst of Samsung's worries …

Oh yes, and the Australian Stock Exchange display at North Sydney still hasn't been fixed ...

We're still here if you want to send more BSODs … ®

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