'State cuts' Assange internet

WikiLeaks claims its boss Julian Assange had his internet access cut off by an unnamed "state party" at his bolthole in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

There's no word form the embassy to confirm or deny the allegations, and the BBC reports the capital's cops have no comment at this time. This comes as WikiLeaks tweeted a series of "pre-commitment" strings, which (we're guessing) could be used to decrypt sensitive documents about John Kerry and the UK Foreign Office should anything unexpected happen to WikiLeaks or Assange.

The website has been dumping online copies of internal emails from Hillary Clinton's presidential election campaign team in an attempt embarrass the White House wannabe. Strangely enough, WL has yet to let loose any dirt on Donald Trump. ®

Stop press: WikiLeaks says Ecuador's government cut the internet link at the embassy.

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