What the HEC? HDS claims it has a big *aaS

BaaS, AaaS and DRaaS joined by STaaS and CaaS

HDS has updated its converged and hyper-converged product offerings and added storage, compute and analytic things available as a service. Put another way – BaaS, AaaS and DRaaS are joined by STaaS and CaaS.

We get:

  • Hitachi Enterprise Cloud (HEC) for automated data center operations and application delivery in private and hybrid clouds.
  • Hitachi Management Automation Strategy (HMAS) to simplify the data center infrastructure management.
  • Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) 2000 (converged system) and UCP HC (hyper-converged system) enhancements.

HEC combines pre-engineered, pre-built service catalogs with a dedicated converged platform, software, and HDS- and/or partner-delivered services. HEC VMware's vRealize Suite uses the Air Cloud Management Platform (CMP in an on- or off-premises deployment bought by customers, or a usage- and outcome-based managed cloud system.

HMAS provides infrastructure management software, a portfolio of automation-focused software that includes UCP Advisor for management of one or more UCP 2000 systems.

The UCP 2000 and UCP HC systems support faster Intel Broadwell processors and have optional support for Hitachi Data Ingestor, Content Platform and WAN Optimizer. UCP 2000 gets 8x server scalability, to 128 nodes, a number of networking and security enhancements, and it supports OpenStack environments.

The UCP HC range gets a 2U/1-node hybrid and all-flash system with up to 26TB of usable flash capacity.

HDS also rolled out several new as-a-service managed cloud offerings:

  • Storage as a Service (STaaS)
  • Compute as a Service
  • A new as-a-service analytics solution for IT service management and operations
  • New choices for remote operations services

These join its Backup as a Service, Archive as a Service, and Disaster Recovery as a Service offerings.

All this should help HDS' channel hold its own when fighting for converged and hyper-converged business, and punting for stuff-as-a-service type sales. It's not saying up your aaS but it is pushing aaS ideas. ®

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