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LogMeIn collapses its 'Cubby' Dropbox clone into LogMeIn Pro

Sync 'n' share survives if you cough up. The rest of you, download before November 16

LogMeIn is mostly-closing “Cubby”, it's little-known Dropbox clone.

In an email sent to users, the company says it “plans to retire Cubby from its current line of products.”

Cubby is a vanilla sync 'n' share product with the usual come-for-the-free-capacity, please-please-please-cough-up-for-more-storage business plan. That model is a proven flop: LaCie and Seagate's Wuala service was closed in 2015, Barracuda's CudaDrive and Copy cloud were discontinued in May 2016 and Quantum's Symform had its death notice posted in June 2016.

LogMeIn is, however, having a crack at keeping Cubby alive by folding it into LogMeIn Pro.

“In an effort to focus our current product portfolio, we took Cubby’s most used features (file storage and sharing) and built them into LogMeIn Pro to create a more complete way to connect to the content and devices you need, all in a single product experience,” says the email sent to users.

Those willing to hand over the US$99 for the first year of LogMeIn Pro will get a whole terabyte of cloudy storage to play with. Subsequent years will revert to full price, currently $149. But there are perils for those who upgrade, as LogMeIn's FAQ says some content won't automatically migrate

For those of you who don't want to make the move the company apologises because its decision “... likely disrupts your daily workflow.” It therefore suggests you consider this video that explains how to get data from Cubby into Dropbox, via your desktop.

“We understand this may present challenges for you, but you don’t have to go just yet – your Cubby account will remain active until November 16, 2016, but after this date your account will expire,” LogMeIn says.

The FAQ also asks “What does Cubby’s shutdown mean for LogMeIn’s Identity and Access Management business?”

The answer is that “Identity management represents one LogMeIn’s top three strategic growth initiatives, along with in collaboration and Xively in the Internet of Things. In 2015 we took a bold and significant step toward expanding LogMeIn’s role in the identity market and accelerating its identity strategy with the acquisition of LastPass, the recognized market leader in password management. Moving forward, we will be focusing our investments on these core lines of business.”

That Dropbox transfer therefore looks a rather better option than hoping LogMeIn keeps Cubby alive forever. ®

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