Let's all go down the Strand (our data centre). King's College London goes TITSUP*

Well at least timetables, payrolls, library systems...

King's College London has been borked over the last day or so due to a failure at its Strand data centre.

The issue is impacting users across all of KCL's campus locations, and the university has announced that its IT Services team is continuing to work on the recovery of the data centre systems while HPE continues to work with the institution on getting its kit working again.

While that issue hasn't been specified, the rumours that have reached El Reg, which we haven't been able to corroborate, regard somebody somehow managing to pull the power feed from the site's 3PAR.

The university's priority fixes are the timetabling, payroll and SITS systems, but everything seems to be borked, including shared drive access and the library systems.

Fortunately, internet and Wi-Fi access, including Eduroam, is still working, so forlorn students won't be jettisoned with their books and the threat of doing some work.

The Register has found the intermittent telephone issues to still be in play as of writing, however, and we were unable to reach KCL for comment. ®

* Total Inability To Support Usual Performance

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