Speaking in Tech: Is OpenStack really a threat to VMware?

Plus: Marketecture, cloud and more


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It's another episode of El Reg's tech-cast, and this week Greg and Ed dig into the pros and cons of the VMware Cloud announcement with AWS with Greg Ferro of Packet Pushers. Podcast Idol Peter Smallbone wraps up the podcast with a field report from IT Expo with VMware CTO for EMEA, Joe Baguley.

The details…

  • (1:00) Podcast Idol mopping up
  • (3:00) Introducing Greg Ferro
  • (4:30) Breaking down the AWS-VMware announcement of VMware Cloud
  • (5:34) AWS doesn’t call it a private cloud
  • (8:02) Winners and losers in the VMware Cloud deal
  • (11:28) Is Dell hardware sitting in AWS?
  • (15:05) Private cloud “marketecture”
  • (17:50) Impacts to OpenStack
  • (24:51) VMware Cloud costs to be determined
  • (31:07) Peter Smallbone’s IT Expo field report interview with Joe Baguley
  • (32:01) VMware and containers
  • (39:36) vSphere Integrated Containers and Photon
  • (44:00) Diving into VMware Horizon

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

Speaking in Tech: Episode

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